Starship Interstellar: Danger From Kuiper

Starship Interstellar: Danger From Kuiper


Players: 1-4

Age 13+

Playing Time: 150 min

Warning: Choking hazard. Contains small parts.
Made in Cina

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Have you played Starship Interstellar and still want more? It’s now available the expansion “Danger From Kuiper“.
In the Danger From Kuiper expansion players will find themselves forced to cope with meteoric rocks coming inwards from the asteroid belt beyond Neptune.

Contents: 27 asteroid tokens in 5 colours, 10 Asteroid first sighting tokens, 14 Kuiper tokens, 4 base activation action tokens (1 per player), 4 launch bases (1 per player), 4 asteroids mining boards (1 per player). (This is an expansion of Starship Interstellar. The base version of the game is required)

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