Starship Interstellar: Antimatter

Starship Interstellar: Antimatter


Players: 1-4

Age 13+

Playing Time: 150 min

Warning: Choking hazard. Contains small parts.
Made in Cina

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Have you played Starship Interstellar and still want more? It’s now available the expansion “Anti Matter“.
Element 115, or Moscovium, is one of the last super-heavy elements in the Periodic Table and was discovered by a team of Russian and American scientists.This element has a very controversial past: In 1986 Bob Lazar, a controversial character, stated that the element existed and that it could power anti-gravity engines thanks to its enormous capacity to release the energy that it generated when being bombarded by protons. After immediate decay, anti-matter was
The 115 element was theoretically known as Ununpentium by following the rules of the Periodic Table of the Elements, but was not synthesized in a lab until 2004. Lazar’s statements were considered absurd, with no scientifical basis. In this expansion the world’s best scientists have discovered how to use Moscovium to generate anti-matter. But as often happens with great scientific discoveries, if huge advances are promised on one hand, on the other hand their abuse can cause terrible consequences… And now the stability of our solar system is in danger.

Contents: 40 pink Moscovium cubes, 4 earth planetary production action tokens, 40 specialist (10 per player), 1 four sided die (d4). (This is an expansion of Starship Interstellar. The base version of the game is required)

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