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Pendragon Game Studio was born from a group of Italian hobby market professionals with more than a decade of experience, with the mission of creating new games for the international market and produce them in different languages through established partners.

This long experience in publishing products such as books, magazines, newspapers, and games, as well as marketing them and working with game associations, gives Pendragon Game Studio complete knowledge of the hobby and how to produce and sell games in both national and international markets.

About our games…


Hexemonia looks to be a beautiful and innovative step forward for tile laying games that really embraces the struggle of managing limited resources.  Also, we could use more games with hexes!  Beautiful beautiful Hexes.



In Hexemonia… the interaction is quite large and it is primarily this interaction that brings variety to the game

SwatSh, Vindjeu

Starship Interstellar Preview!


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Do you have a question about one of our games? Do you need clarifications on the game components or rules? Please contact us for any information you need on our products, we will be pleased to assist with your gaming experience. Please write to: info@pendragongamestudio.com.

Prototypes & Projects

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Do you have a project you want to release? Are you looking for a publisher for your game? Contact us to submit your projects and ideas: we are always looking for new prototypes to transform into a successful game. Please write to: submission@pendragongamestudio.com.


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Do you want to buy one of our games and you don’t know how? You can contact us for any commercial request, as a store manager, a distributor, or gamer. Please write to: sales@pendragongamestudio.com.

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