Way of the Panda

Help the panda clans to free and civilize their country



For a long time the Xian, the eastern region of the ancient lands of the Pandas it has been occupied and plundered by a merciless schism of human ninjas.

The Clans of the Candid Fist, of the Yellow River, Lily of the Night and of the Sand Fox, now are commanded by the new Shogun that seat on the Black Lotus Throne, to put all the fights and discussions apart in order to cooperate in send the human away from the region and bring the
villages to the ancient splendor.
Way of the Panda is worker placement game with innovative game mechanism. In the game there are multiple ways to gains victory points but only one will be the winner. Would you be able to change your strategy with the changes of the victory conditions?


Andrea Mainini, Walter Obert and Alberto Vendramini


Game for

Players 4-12

Minutes 90

Age 14+


Download the ENGLISH rules

78.2 MB



The Way of Panda is published in ENGLISH by Cool Mini or Not. You can have more information from this link.



La via dei Panda is published in ITALIAN by Pendragon Game Studio. You can have more information from this link.


menu_logo_edgeLa Senda del Panda is published in SPANISH by Edge Entertainment. You can have more information from this Link

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Way of the Panda

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