Escape from New York

Escape from New York


Players 1-4

Age 14+

Playing Time 60

Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years because of small parts. Choking hazard.

Made in China

Available on backorder

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“You go in, find the President, bring him out in less than 24 hours, and you’re a free man.”
In Escape from New York, a semi-cooperative game for 1-4 players based on the John Carpenter movie, you play as Snake, Brain, Maggie, or Cabbie and attempt to rescue the president and his precious tape and bring them to safety, while dealing with the gangs of the most dangerous prison in the world – all of Manhattan.

COMPONENTS: 1 Rulebook, 1 Game board, 4 Hero boards, 1 New York board, 150 cards, 40 Prisoner counters, 25 Roadblock counters, 14 Suburb counters, 1 Helicopter counter, 1 Gullfire counter, 12 Level Bar counters, 4 Case counters, 19 plastic bases, 4 Hero figures, 3 Boss figures, 1 Taxi figure, 4 Car figures, 19 Timer tiles, 34 City tiles, 8 Central Park tiles, 1 WTC tile, 8 POI tiles, 1 Library tile, 15 Item cubes, 15 Ammo cubes, 3 Hit Points cubes, 1 New York Noise cube, 4 New York mission cubes, 1 Event Level marker, 1 poster


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Release Date

December 2023


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