246 BC: The future first emperor of China, Ying Zheng, orders the construction of the Terracott a Army. It will be part of the “Great Mausoleum”, a monument built to celebrate the Qin dynasty ’s endless glory. It is also to protect him in the afterlife.

As a delegate of the Emperor, you will be asked to fulfill his wish by leading a team of workers and helpers to obtain resources, craft and decorate the warrior statues, and supply them with fine wood and bronze weapons. After 6 turns the player who gains the most prestige points is

Contents: 1 main board, 128 cards, 30 clay blocks, 25 coins, 24 pigments blocks, 12 emperor request tokens, 8 player markers, 1 prime minister pawn, 8 master builders, 6 army formation board, 4 building tiles, 36 terracotta warriors, 8 emperor delegate seals, 28 mausoleum tiles and 1 rulebook.


Marco Legato

Antonio Ferrara was born in Naples on September 8, 1976. He wrote four novels, including “Gli Occhi del Male” (The eyes of evil), published with Prospettiva Editrice in 2002. Antonio is Affiliate Member of the Horror Writers Association. In 2013 he founded the Francis Marion Crawford Prize for the Horror Literature. In 2014 he published the novels “L’Urlo Bianco” (The White Scream) with Il Foglio Letterario and “NEILA” with Lettere Animate. Antonio created “Stay Away!” with Sebastiano Fiorillo and now is currently working on a new board game and a novel.

Francesco Testini

Sebastiano Fiorillo was born in Naples on the May 27, 1983. Architect, game lover and digital graphics passionate, in 2014 he releases, with Antonio Ferrara, the card game “Stay Away!”, where is also the illustrator. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, “Stay Away!” is published for the first time by Pendragon Game Studio.

Game for

Players 2-4

Minutes 60

Age 14+


Download the ENGLISH rules

8.5 MB

Download the FRENCH rules

8.7 MB

They speak on us…

LudoVox on Xi’an

Oh que oui ! Xi’an est un très bon jeu qui parvient à mélanger de la programmation, du placement, une forme d’enchère à l’initiative, des pouvoirs cumulables à l’infini… Et le tout fonctionne étonnamment bien.


Meeple Gamers on Xi’an

I personally love Xi'an. Maybe it’s the exotic flavor, maybe the gorgeous colored statues. It’s just one of those games you take off the shelf when you’re looking for a relaxed journey to faraway lands.

Val Carcaiso, MeepleGamers



Chinese Edition

surfin'meeple西安 is published in CHINESE by Surfin’Meeple. You can have more informations from this Link


matagotXi’An is published in FRENCH by Mtagot. You can have more informations from this Link.


surfin'meepleXi’An is published in ENGLISH by Surfin’Meeple. You can have more informations from this Link.


apple-touch-icon-114x114-precomposedXi’An is published in ITALIAN by Pendragon Game Studio. You can have more information from this Link.

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