The Thing – Late pledge!

The Thing – Late pledge!

If you missed The Thing – The Boardgame Kickstarter campaign, you should know that the game’s Late Pledge is available!

Don’t miss the chance to buy the game with all the stretch goals unlocked!

Here is the link:


  1. im a huge carpenter fan. the thing and halloween are my favorites. in that order. ive been really depressed that i missed such an amazing opportunity. i play sw legion, fallout ww and aliens another glorious day in the corps. thie thing is my all time favorite movie. ash terrified me as a child lol. not the alien. i dont have alot and this is likely my last christmas but anythings possible. liver failure or cancer. its still brand new so were figuring it out now. if i could get a copy and play it that really would make a (possible) dying mans wish. i can pay for im not asking for a freebee. i was former 11b(saw no combat) and need this in my life. once it gets bad i wont be able to do alot so tabletop gaming will be even moremy jam. i also may have colon cancer bad obstruction, weakness and almost all the othe symptoms of it. colonoscopy jan 3rd. please let me kow where i can buy one to play before im gone!!!!

      1. I’m not touching it without the miniatures. And you guys need to vet buyers somehow. Maybe make it so it all comes in one pack to do away with the scrubs buying them up? I won’t lie, I’m straight up mad about it. The thing has been my favorite movie for close to 40 years. If anyone deserves to buy these things it’s people like me. But all the “I just collect them” crowd make it almodt impossible. I wish you had to answer some basic miniature wargame rules before you’re allowed to buy just the miniatures or some crap.

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